Bulk Orders

WESE members in good standing can save money on organic food while supporting our school. We are proud to offer bulk orders through the following companies:

Please note: there is a 10% member fee added to orders from Grainworks and Horizon to cover the cost of shipping and the donation to the school


A family owned, organic grain company operating in Vulcan, Alberta. For more information on how to order, please send an email to bulkorders@thewise.ca


A wholesale distributor operating in B.C. To order from Horizon, Visit http://foodclub.org/wise and create a login for yourself. As soon as the bulk food administrator has approved you as a WESE Member in good standing, you will be free to start filling your cart.

It is imperative to realize that what you have in your cart on Order Day will automatically be ordered. You will be responsible to pay for any items that are in your cart. (There is no “checkout” button).

We now also have an easy to use Splits list. If you would really like to order something, but don’t want a full case, go to the SPLITS page and find the item that you would like. Simply type in the quantity you would like. It then gets posted to the SPLITS LIST and others can peruse the list and see if they would also like a portion of what is offered. It will not be ordered unless the entire case or package is claimed. If the item is shown in red, it won’t be ordered.

In case you have trouble finding things you have ordered in the past here is a link to the catalogue. You may need to search by number.

Order Due Dates

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