Parent Association

pa_logoWISE’s Parent Association ( PA ) is an advisory subcomittee of the WESE Board of Directors. The PA was established to provide a forum for parent ideas, concerns, and participation; to support the school and contribute to a vibrant school community.

Key roles of the PA are: initiate fundraising activities; organize volunteers to help with festivals and school operations as needed; host social events to build community; act as liaison between teachers, parents, WESE and the AA; raise awareness of the Waldorf philosophy.

All WISE parents are automatically members of the PA and welcome to attend meetings, though ideally each class (including Parent Tot groups) have at least one representative and one back-up present at PA meetings as Class Liaisons. These Class Liaisons are responsible for communication between the PA and parents in their respective classes through casual conversation and occasional emails.

The PA meets approximately once per month. Administration of the PA employs a rotating chair for meetings, decision-making by consensus, and regular updates to the WESE board. Agendas, minutes, and other records are filed for future reference and available to any parents interested.

If you’d like to attend a PA meeting or get further information, please contact