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“Receive the child in reverence, educate the child with love, let the child go forth in freedom.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

At the Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton, we strive to educate the Whole Child; Head, Heart and Hands. Our Early Childhood programs nurture the wonder-filled imaginative world of young children, building a strong base for future learning and development. Art, movement and culture are infused into all academic study. Nature and natural materials are integrated into the learning experience. Our goal is to explore the child’s full potential, while nurturing their self-esteem by encouraging the development of a whole range of additional skills. In this way, a lifelong love of learning is cultivated by nourishing the spirit of curiosity.


Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton

The Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton. We are currently registering for Parent-tot, Nursery, Kindergarten and Grade One to Eight for Fall 2017. We are also registering Grade 1-6 students for our WISE Home Education Board, and for our Homeschool Enrichment classes.
Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton
Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton
Update from Elevate WISE: We have had an incredible first year of Elevate WISE, and have met so many truly wonderful people via our Tours and Events. The last 'big' event of the year was a great, and we also managed to fit several smaller Tour-style events in the weekends before and after. Thus far, Elevate WISE has raised $42,800, including the events of the past few weeks. We have also received multi-year donations and pledges amounting to an additional $14,000 over coming years. How wonderful! A special thank you to all of you who have come to events, who have introduced us to people you know, and who have donated. A special thanks to all of you! Mary and Ronald Weber, Marcia & Willem Langenberg, Diana Tayler, Jane Huang, Jem Mathieson, Terry Nord, Alyssa Vaughn, Keely Scott and Jeremy Rittwage, Sally Issenman, Christina Tozer, Charles & Sydney Lee, Tim & Janelle Burnham, Dr. Singh, Jill Thompson and Bruce Wright, Terry Tord and Sequoia Janvier, Lois McKinny, Christiane Moquin & Dennis Ralston, Chris and Tatiana Peet, Tara Rout & Martin Kerr, and Katrina Stevenson & Michael Morris, Elena & Sergei Ilinykh, Svitlana & Volodymyr Didenko, Rhonda Henshaw, Dilshad & Sadiq Unwala, Anne Huennemeyer, Cindy Franklin, Netta & Andrew Johnson, Lisa Read, Maribel Pelka, Stephan Dautel, Wayne & Heidi Jeannotte, Alexandr Belovodskiy & Gwladys Jousselme, Robert Weinrich, Eoin and Natalie, Catherine Green, Colette Russell, Olena Rybalko, Stacy Prochnau. (Please let us know if we have missed anyone or if any names are mispelled.) Have a great summer!
Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton
Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton
Enjoy listening to "How Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton is partnering with the Ottewell Community League and our Neighbours to share in our community garden, permaculture and sustainable food practices with Kenton Zerbin...from seed to soup!



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