Gateways 2016

Gateways tickets are on sale now! 

Our Keynote Speaker this year: JACK PETRASH

Before April 15th, Single – $100, Couple – $160
After April 15th, Single – $115, Couple – $190

Please register online here (Payment via credit-card or cheque)

Lunch and snacks are provided.


Parenting: The Long and Surprising Journey Through Childhood

Parenting presents us with a variety of assignments. We are called on to care for our children physically, emotionally, academically, spiritually… and still have time for ourselves. How do we do this and what does it ask of us?


The Challenge of Educating the Adolescent in a Rapidly Changing World.

Educating children in our rapidly changing world is daunting. What can we offer our students that will prepare them for tomorrow and at the same time satisfy them today?