Edmonton Gateways 2015

Edmonton Gateways Conference

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Join us for the 2015 WISE Gateways Conference:
Friday May 1nd, 6-8:15pm and Saturday May 2rd, 8:30-4pm!

Our 2015 WISE Gateways conference is now open for registration!

This year we are proud to announce that our keynote speaker, Susan Perrow, will joining us from Australia to share her unique wisdom with us. This date has been booked for over two years and we are excited that the time has finally come!

Susan’s storytelling series is geared to parents, educators and therapists, and will likely be her only visit to Edmonton. We encourage you to register early if you plan to take her morning workshop.

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WISE 2015 – 16 Registration

WISE 2015 – 16 Registration is here!

You can find our registration packages online here. Registration packages are still being accepted. Thanks!


Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton

The Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton

At the Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton, we strive to educate the Whole Child; Head, Heart and Hands. Our Early Childhood programs nurture the wonder-filled imaginative world of young children, building a strong base for future learning and development. In the grades, teachers ideally stay with their classes, moving with the children up through Grades 1-8. Art, movement and culture are infused into all academic study. Nature and natural materials are integrated into the learning experience. Our goal is to explore the child’s full potential, while nurturing their self-esteem by encouraging the development of a whole range of additional skills. In this way, a lifelong love of learning is cultivated by nourishing the spirit of curiosity.