WISE 2015 – 16 Registration

WISE 2015 – 16 Registration is here!

You can find our registration packages online here. Registration packages will be accepted no earlier than Monday March 23 at 9:00am. Thanks!

Growing WISE – The Year of OUR Castle

Growing WISE – The Year of OUR Castle

Purchasing a building for WISE

WISE is buying a school! With additional grades and children added every year, WISE has reached the point where we can own our own building. A school building will cost between 2 and 4 million, and WISE will need to raise $200,000-$400,000 for our downpayment. 100% of the funds raised in our Growing WISE Campaign will go towards the purchasing of a new school.

Purchase a Mosaic Tile between November and April, and help us raise our downpayment

MosaicPlease consider making a donation to support this momentous phase in the life of our unique and growing school. From November-April, donations over $100 will be represented by a mosaic tile to be placed on the Growing WISE Mural ( ie, a donation of $700 will be represented by 7 mosaic tiles ). An engraved acknowledgement of your donation will be placed on a plaque near the mural. A receipt for tax purposes will be issued for your donation.

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!     Faire un don maintenant par CanadaHelps.org!


Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton

The Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton

At the Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton, we strive to educate the Whole Child; Head, Heart and Hands. Our Early Childhood programs nurture the wonder-filled imaginative world of young children, building a strong base for future learning and development. In the grades, teachers ideally stay with their classes, moving with the children up through Grades 1-8. Art, movement and culture are infused into all academic study. Nature and natural materials are integrated into the learning experience. Our goal is to explore the child’s full potential, while nurturing their self-esteem by encouraging the development of a whole range of additional skills. In this way, a lifelong love of learning is cultivated by nourishing the spirit of curiosity.