Registration Packages and Forms

Welcome to our Registration Packages and Forms Page. We have organized and placed the registration packages for all the WISE and WESE Programs here for your convenience, but we encourage parents to follow the Admission Process for the program in which you’re interested before submitting packages. Call us or send us an email if you have any questions! Thanks.

Important Registration Information

  • Junior High School Registrations for 2018/19 begins January 30 at 6:30 pm.
  • General Registrations for 2018/19 begins March 3 at Open house for all programs.
  • Registrations will only be received in person at the WISE office 8:30am – 3pm (during school hours).
  • Only completed registrations will be accepted.
  • Registrations for Wondergarten Nursery, parent and child programs, and Arts enrichment are received on a first come first serve basis until the programs are filled.
  • School Registrations Kinder to Grade 9 will be reviewed and accepted on a case by case basis.
  • All prospective School registrants will receive notification whether or not they have been accepted into the school by the end of April.
  • Registration packages for Kinder to grade 9 received after April will be accepted on a case by case basis if there are still spaces remaining in the classes.

2018-19 Application Packages

Program Downloads
Parent – Child Program 2018 19 Parent - Child Registration Pamphlet
Wondergarden Nursery Program 2018 19 Nursery Registration Pamphlet ( Pamphlet Only )
2018 19 Nursery Registration Package ( Registration Package )
Kindergarten 2018 19 Kindergarten Registration Package
Grade School 2018 19 Grade 1-6 Registration Package
2018 19 Junior High Registration Package
Arts Enrichment Program 2018 19 Waldorf Home Arts Enrichment Pamphlet
Home Education Facilitation Home Education Regulation A.R 145/2006 Notification Form
Homeschool Expense Form
Refund Policy Refund Policy