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“Coming to our little school feels like coming home to your second family. People are warm and inclusive, someone is sweeping, someone is in the parent lounge knitting and chatting, someone is setting up the paints or a craft activity, someone is baking muffins, and someone is getting water for some spring flowers. There is no school bell telling us to start lessons, the rhythm of the day is not determined by our clocks, but by sensible transitions. Teachers share their expertise and experiences with each other, and the overall feel of the school atmosphere is peaceful and gentle.”
– Gudrun von Selzam, early-childhood teacher, WISE


  • High degree of autonomy, support, and appreciation.
  • Casual, warm, loving atmosphere.
  • Natural, high quality supplies, including plant-based water-colour paints, beeswax crayons, beeswax sculpting materials, wooden flutes, wool yarn/roving, strong & thick painting paper.
  • A lovely, aesthetically beautiful working environment; the classrooms and the entire facility are carefully designed with calmness and beauty in mind.
  • A connection with nature, personal expression and seasonal celebration
  • Challenging, fulfilling work, where teachers are able to develop long-lasting relationships with students.
  • Conscientious, inspiring co-workers, who are committed to making the world a better place through education.
  • Competitive salary and benefits.
  • Waldorf schools are faculty-run, and all our teachers have the opportunity to help grow and shape the role of teachers in our school.
  • A child’s best interests are at the heart of our school, and we will support our teachers in making the right decisions for all of their students, regardless of red tape or financial considerations.

The WISE Currently employs:

Full-time positions

  • Class Teachers ~ Ideal Candidates to be Waldorf Class Teachers at our school will be willing to commit to taking a class from Grades 1-9 (or stay with the class as many years as possible) and will either have or be in the process of acquiring Waldorf training/accreditation. Class Teachers are given a high degree of autonomy and responsibility, and their work is both challenging and fulfilling!

Part-time positions

  • Kindergarten
  • Nursery school
  • Parent-Tot
  • Home-schooling Facilitator
  • Principal
  • Specialty teachers


We employ a range of assistants for all of our classes, including Parent-tot, Nursery, and Kindergarten, as well as for the morning portion of grade school classes.


We have a limited but growing admin staff.  Our admin staff are a key part of the school and community, needing to integrate with all aspects of the school: WESE board, teachers, and parents.  The ideal admin employee has a basic knowledge and interest in Waldorf pedagogy, and a warm and welcoming (but firm!) presence.  It is essential for our admin staff to be part of our community.
A Special note for all our positions: If you are interested in a position at our school, please contact us, regardless of whether that position is open at the moment.  We would like to get to know you and have you get to know us, and you never know, we might be on the verge of expanding that position in the coming weeks.  Email with resume and cover letter.

+ What are we looking for in future Class and Kindergarten Teachers?

Sincere, ongoing, and proactive steps towards Waldorf certification: Our ideal teaching candidates have Waldorf training or certification. However, we would like to hear from you if you are interested in Waldorf, if you have researched getting Waldorf training, or even better, enrolled at a Waldorf training institute. If you need help or advice doing so, we would be happy to provide it.

Commitment: This is a really wonderful place to work! We are looking for people passionate about Waldorf education, who enjoy being part of a community, and who believe they can make the world better through their work. Starting from Grade One, Class Teachers move up with their classes, so our ideal candidate is someone who will make a commitment to stay with their class as long as possible, up to 8 years. While Kindergarten Teachers do not typically move up with the grades, it is important to have committed early childhood specialists who are continually upgrading their training and who will stay with our school for a number of years.

Active self-development: Waldorf educators must always be striving to be worthy of emulation. This is not easy, and perhaps the most challenging part of this calling. When hiring, we are not looking for perfection, but rather, those who are actively striving for personal development in all aspects of their lives.

~ Community-oriented, Interpersonal Skills: In such a grassroots community setting, it is essential that applicants possess strong communication and listening abilities. Our teachers work in collaboration with colleagues, class assistants, admin staff, the WESE Board of Directors, and our WISE families. Balancing all these roles and relationships is essential to building a harmonious work environment. Problems and difficulties arise in life and work, and we place a high value on those who can maintain a sense of calm, grace, and empathy, especially in stressful situations.

All teachers in Alberta must have a Bachelor of Education and Alberta Teaching Certificate.

Current Job Postings

Substitute Teaching Position