Waldorf Homeschool Resource Links

Here you will find articles related to anything and everything to do with Waldorf Homeschooling including; anthroposophy, spirituality, parenting advice, book reviews, sharing of stories, verses, lesson ideas, festivals and crafts, food and cooking. This website is limitless in terms of the information provided to help assist you in your homeschooling journey.

The Waldorf- Inspired Learning website was founded by Jean Miller. She has twenty plus years of Waldorf homeschooling experience. On this website you can purchase mentor sessions and guidebooks to help organize your yearly program plan. You can also purchase an online course that you can complete at your own pace. It offers a solid foundation in the unique aspects of Waldorf education along with specific ideas and action steps to create your own homeschooling plan (kindergarten to grade eight). This website also offers free webinars and articles on Waldorf homeschooling and a virtual gathering place where you can discuss the lectures Rudolf Steiner gave at the Teacher’s Seminar in 1919 (posted on the website), the very first Waldorf teacher training.
On this site you can learn more about Waldorf Homeschooling, order books or consulting services, and find out about seminars and other resources.
This website provides sample Waldorf Homeschool lesson plans per grade from grade 1 to grade 7, as well as an endless list of resources that are recommended for each grade. It is a wonderful resource to assist you with your yearly homeschool plan.
On this website Waldorf teachers share curriculum ideas, main lesson pages, music and resources. You will find materials organized by grade and lesson block, each with a tab labeled “Gems.” On this tab are individual posts containing curriculum ideas and materials which worked well in the classroom. Each post may have main lesson work or useful materials attached. If you are looking for lesson plan ideas for a specific subject, this is a great website. There are also many free resources available to download.

Waldorf Homeschool Blogs

Ancient Hearth
The Ancient Hearth blog includes curriculum from grades 1 to 3. This site also provides free stories for lessons from grades 1 to 3, free arts and crafts, tutorials and seminars.
Frontier Dreams
The highlight of the Frontier Dreams blog is the crafts that are presented. It includes a link for anyone who would like to share their own completed work or work in progress. There are also some tutorials for making crafts.
Homeschooling Waldorf
The Homeschooling Waldorf blog is helpful to parents who are homeschooling children both in lower and upper grades; as it includes sample lesson plans from grades 1 to 7.
The Parenting Passageway
This blog is supportive for parents who are homeschooling, as it includes articles related to childhood and adult development, discipline, and family life.

*The blogs listed below each include beautiful photography and journaling of a family’s homeschooling journey. The photos are inspiring and may ignite some fresh ideas for learning.
Heirloom Seasons
Joyful Living
Our Ash Grove
Redbeet Mama
Schooling from the Heart